The Most Important Mindset for Life Coaches [Researched]

I’ve been training life coaches at the iNLP Center for 20 years and I can say this: Curiosity may be the most important mindset for life coaches.

I’ll explain why in this post, as well as how to boost your own curiosity and thus become a better life coach (or whatever you happen to be).

No guru-recommendations in this post, but real research into the mindset of curiosity. Life coaches should pay close attention.

The Power of Curiosity in Life Coaching

Curiosity is historically known for its power to motivate learning.  George Loewenstein (1994) describe curiosity as an information gap that creates a cognitive deprivation. Interestingly, this sense of deprivation can lead people to do all kinds of things to fill the gap, including paying cold, hard cash for it.

Life coaches should be that curious! Our job is to learn every relevant thing about our clients so we can facilitate their desired transformation. With no curiosity, there can be no real learning about clients. How can we be helpful in that case?

Curious People Make Better Leaders

The Center for Curiosity Research shows that curious types are more admired and make better leaders. In fact, they guarantee that if you’re curious, you will be looked up to and admired.

Life coaches are not in the business of coaching in order to be admired (hopefully). Still, when clients do admire you, they trust you with their process. This is one of the keys to success in life coaching, for both the client and the coach.

How to Cultivate Curiosity on Purpose

You probably didn’t need to be convinced that curiosity is good for life coaches. You might need a reminder to consciously enter a curious mindset when you are seeing clients. Don’t wait to see if clients draw the curiosity out of you. Enter the mindset intentionally.

Before each client, take a few minutes to relax. This is so important and I know how easy it is to skip this mental preparation. But you and your clients deserve it. They’re paying you to be at your best. So, chill.

Then, consciously intend to be curious about your client during the life coaching session. Not so hard, right?

Finally, remember or imagine a time when you were curious. Step into it. Feel it. This comes of the NLP model called accessing states – a set of tools that helps you enter any mindset at will. Check out a student story on accessing states at this iNLP Center blog.

Don’t be a bored (or boring) life coach. The best life coaches (who make the most money) are curious souls.

Curiosity! Own it.