Confidence, Winning, and the Risk of Success

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Is confidence necessary before you can achieve success?

No, probably not. But we can learn from the NLP meta-model here. What if we asked meta-model questions in reply to the claim that it takes confidence to succeed?

Meta Model Questions

It takes confidence to succeed!

  • Confidence to do what?
  • Confidence according to whom?
  • How much confidence?
  • What if it didn’t take any confidence?
  • How do you need to be confident, specifically?

I wonder how many assumptions the average person makes when reading a sentence like, “You must be confident in order to succeed in life.” There are as many ways to interpret that sentence as there are people attempting to understand it.

What’s my point?

First of all, don’t assume everything you read is true, even when it sounds reasonable. As soon as you dig into it, counterexamples begin to emerge.

Alas, this post is starting to sound pessimistic, so let’s turn it around. What if we claimed the following:

In order to succeed, you must have the drive to move forward and persist, regardless of your level of self-confidence.

Persistence, then, is more important than confidence. We could split hairs or go all semantic, but – all else being equal – we must concede the importance of persistence.

The #1 Confidence Killer

Confidence is nice to have, even though people can succeed in a sheer state of panic, self-assurance is much more comfortable.

The number one confidence killer? Not being yourself.

We often lead with what would please others. Many of us pursue goals because we have something prove. So many agendas cloud our purpose, which destroys (undermines) confidence. It’s one of the barriers to success that you should be aware of.