Vision coaching can shape your future

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We have all heard of life coaching to create a better future, but what about vision coaching? “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”  -Albert Einstein We are all aware of the power of our own thoughts. More and more people are waking up to the fact that they shape how we view life, others, and… Read more »

Confidence, Winning, and the Risk of Success

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Is confidence necessary before you can achieve success? No, probably not. But we can learn from the NLP meta-model here. What if we asked meta-model questions in reply to the claim that it takes confidence to succeed? Meta Model Questions It takes confidence to succeed! Confidence to do what? Confidence according to whom? How much confidence? What if it didn’t… Read more »

Why It’s So Important to Establish a Coaching Agreement

coaching agreement

Establishing the coaching agreement is one of the core competencies in life coaching, according to the International Coach Federation (ICF). What is it? And why is it so important in a life coaching cycle. What is a coaching agreement? A coaching agreement is a meeting of the minds between the coach and coachee. Both parties agree on what the client… Read more »

Business Coaching: An Honest Opinion

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If you have ever wondered what business coaching is, if it is worth spending money on, and what the benefits of it are, here is an honest and unbiased opinion. “Honesty is a rare commodity” – Garrison Keillor There is very little that modern day society agrees upon, and that’s an understatement. With such a vast amount of information and… Read more »

10 Powerful Questions Leaders and Coaches Can Use (Case Study)

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Powerful questions are a hallmark of leadership and coaching. The ability to listen for answers may be even more important. In this post, we’ll review a hypothetical life coaching case and generate 10 powerful questions to ask the client. This is part of leadership mentoring with Carly Anderson, an MCC mentor coach and ICF reviewer. First, we’ll look at the… Read more »

iNLP Center’s Aha Solution Review: A Case Study

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An iNLP Center Program Review By Steve McVey Many therapeutic approaches are less than effective because they don’t access the root of the problem. If you think of a presenting problem as a weed, your limiting beliefs, behaviors, and emotions can be thought of as the stem and leaves. If the root is not pulled out, the weed returns. NLP… Read more »

Two Downsides to Using NLP in Coaching

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NLP and coaching seem like they go together like a hand in a glove. And they do. But there are downsides to using NLP in coaching and these are what we’ll highlight today. I teach neuro-linguistic programming certification at the iNLP Center. I’m also a certified and ACC-credentialed life coach who trains other life coaches. I’m qualified to talk about… Read more »

The Most Important Mindset for Life Coaches [Researched]


I’ve been training life coaches at the iNLP Center for 20 years and I can say this: Curiosity may be the most important mindset for life coaches. I’ll explain why in this post, as well as how to boost your own curiosity and thus become a better life coach (or whatever you happen to be). No guru-recommendations in this post,… Read more »